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Sakai 09 Opening Remarks: Michael Korcuska

Posted by Jenna McWilliams on July 8, 2009

What follows is a liveblog of the opening remarks for the 10th Sakai Conference, July 8-10, in Boston, MA.

Opening remarks began with Michael Korcuska, the Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation. (Here’s his Sakai blog.) Some key points are below.

Keywords: collaborative, “software that is as good as any commercial product that’s available.”

As good is not good enough” says Korcuska. “We want to make something that won’t just change the economics of an institution but something that will change how an academic community can choose its mission.”

“It’s not only a’s also path. It includes free and open source softwar– not free as in no cost but free as in free from restrictions. We believe this kind of freedom is especially important to the mission of education.

“The Sakai path is the path of self-determination in many ways, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a lonely path. Sakai is also a community. We believe we have a great…strong community, and this community is the real strength of Sakai. It’s the reason why Sakai is helping so many organizations around the world today and why we know it’ll be even better than it is today.”

A few key points:

  • Sakai 2.6.0 is ready (released post conference)
  • Sakai 3 is starting to take shape
  • New product development process (more visibility)

Tons of newbies are here, according to an informal poll Korcuska ran. That’s kinda cool, huh? Especially since it’s my first Sakai conference too.

Sakai Fellows, 2009/2010

  • Ian Boston, University of Cambridge
  • Jean-Francois Leveque, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Nicolaas Matthijs, University of Cambridge
  • Mathieu Plourde, University of Delaware
  • Manice A. Smith, Three Canoes Consulting
  • Steve Swinsburg, Lancaster University

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